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Meet Ms. Brown?

31 Jan


I’m not too big of a fan of chocolate, but every once in awhile you have to indulge, right?
Earlier today I was at The Grove, in North Hollywood, and M&M’s chocolate was there hosting an event. I caught them just as they were in the midst of unveiling their sixth installment to the franchise… A brand new character!
Yes, she has glasses gentlemen, but Shes still hot for an m&m, right? hahaha…
Seriously though, any thoughts on what you think of m&m’s latest character?
Apparently a Rep for them said that the Newly Ms. Brown will be making her first television debut in a week or so for one of the product commercials.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and wish for you all to have an even better week ahead.





Let The Sleeves Go..

30 Jan


Alright Bros, One thing thats really in this fall are Hooded, “Sleeveless”, Zip Sweaters. There perfect for a night out with a girl or chilling at a kickback.



12 Jan


If you’re looking for an afternoon snack that’s super healthy and has a ton of protein – then you’ll love this interesting concoction my friend and I put together.

Allow me to call this, on behalf of both of us; a very massive peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Bro-tip # 204

“whenever your rents forget to go grocery shopping – work with what you have”

Step 1) We decided to use whole wheat bread, lightly toasted.

2) peanut butter

3) strawberry jelly

4) granola and dried cranberries

Enjoy 🙂

– EC

“Old Beginnings & New Endings”

12 Jan


Although it mat not be summer, this is still the perfect look for going to the beech.

If you grew up in LA, then you already know about how big the cargo shorts trend used to be back in the day.

I hate to say it guys – but I’m pretty sure I just brought it back. 😉 Dipsetty



6 Jan


This is actually one of my favorite looks, I picked it up from one of my valley friends and tried to give it a more palisades class feel.

Though not every guy is a fan of purple- it happens to be one of my favorite colors.
All I can say is it goes well with this guise I put together. If you notice, the purple is honestly so unobtrusive, that you can barely even see it underneath the checkered flannel.

Let me know what you guys think.



dope status.

6 Jan


I usually veer away from the color orange… Though i couldn’t turn away from this pair and had to buy them.

I got them at DSW in Sherman Oaks, CA- for a surprisingly affordable price.

Can you say Dope Status.




Just Cavid Behaviour.

5 Jan




This last picture was taken by a friend of mine, and as ridiculous as I my look… (I was in a different state of mind- if you know what I mean… Haha.) Anyway, They have convinced me to upload it for everyone to see.

Bro-Tip #133 always “remember to laugh at yourself every once in awhile.”