Typical Palisades Rager: Project X

28 Mar


Hey Everyone, did you guys see PROJECT X?

I know I’m late in game, but I vehemently suggest it to anyone who has yet to see the movie. I got to see a special screening of the flick last night at my friends apartment and while we should have been studying and doing our homework we got carried away watching the epic film. During the screening my friends and I thought we could really relate to this movie, and that it somewhat touched home for us… Literally, it was practically shot right in our backyards. And not just there either, they shot it all around our neighborhoods and at are high school ‘Palisades Charter High School,’ in The Palisades. Though we try not to let the parties get too out of control.

On another note the David denim jeans in the above movie poster are from one of my favorite locally established clothing lines, COMUNE. So if you love freebies here’s a chance for you all to win a COMUNE limited edition Drop City Tee and a pair of David denim jeans, complements of COMUNE. Just be the 57th person to correctly guess the COMUNE Drop City artist that created the piece below and enter your answer by commenting on this post or visiting them on facebook.


Another really exciting thing I thought I would mention with you guys about today is that a few weeks ago I decided to be co producer and host for “U GOT THE VOICE” which is an upcoming singing competition sponsored by Santa Monica College in Los Angeles – the #1 transfer school in the Nation (Whoop Whoop!) and Today was the first official day of production and we auditioned over 50 contestants who thought they had the voice and I must say that it was overall pretty enthralling. There was all sorts of talent including; the good, bad, obscure to rightfully ridiculous, but still surprisingly entertaining. The event itself is going be shot and filmed over the next five weeks, so if you like American Idol – then I have a feeling you’ll gonna love what we have in store for you.

Now I feel as though I keep putting off my homework and dilly-dallying around, or at least thats what my parents would call it and I can barely stand to hear them continuously nag at me so my apologies, but for now I must dipset and start my english paper.

Thanks and I hope you all have an amazing, awesome filled week!!



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