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Kiss Me, I’m Irish

17 Mar

Active Clothing


That’s right Happy St. Patrick’s Day Everyone!

I don’t know about you guys, but I sure am relived that it’s now officially the weekend and to top it all off – it’s St. Patrick’s Day too! Any Plans? So lately I have been so caught up with school and, all these other projects that I’ve been working on for you guys that I forgot how to let loose and party.

Although I won’t be celebrating at any pubs tonight since I’m still not 21, however my friend Duke is hosting an awesome St. Patrick’s BBQ/ kickback at his house in Malibu. Only it’s raining here in Los Angeles today, but I’ll be sure to keep you updated and let you know if I reach point dume.

My BroTip of the day would be for all you bro’s going out tonight I wish you best when I say, “If the poon gets wet – go for it!”

Also incase you aren’t really sure what to wear for any festivities you might have lined up for this evening I went ahead and copied this look above for you guys. Its super fresh and you can get the entire look just by clicking: www.activerideshop.com/ Plus, If you live in LA then this look certainly applies to you considering its raining this weekend and after all you know what they say to remember, “when your in LA – Dress in Layers.”

Thanks for stopping by and, I hope everyone has a safe, very fun and enjoyable weekend. – EC